General Recording Solution is applicable to the following customer demands.


  Proof of Financial Transactions - banks, securities companies, and futures & securities trading companies

  Contact Center (Inbound/Outbound)

  Central Commanding Centers (112 emergency number, 119 center, subway/train commanding centers, air


  traffic control center)

  Port Traffic Control Center

  Government-National Security Control Network, etc.


Total Recall VR (Prolancer)



Total Recall VR is the professional, reliable and cost-effective solution for all government, enterprise and military voice logging requirements. Available in 6 unique hardware platforms, Total Recall VR can record from 4 to hundreds of simultaneous analogue, radio, VoIP, RTP, DMR Console or ISDN lines. The intuitive user interface makes searching, replaying and archiving calls easy, while our custom-built, Linux-based systems ensure that your critical communications always securely recorded.


1 . Total Recall VR : Classic Rack - Analog (2-wire POTS)/VoIP (SIP/H.323)



  • Supports up to 72 channels of Analog/Radio per system  
  • Combine 8 VoIP and 8 Analogue channels in hybrid mode
  • Robust 19 Rack Mountable enclosure
  • Tilting screen and control panel ensures easy operation at any height in a communications rack
  • Cost effective and highly featured call recording solution






2. Total Recall VR : Linx Altus  - VoIP (RTP, H.323, SIP)/Analog (2-Wire POTS)

  • Supports up to 60 analogue channels, plus 30 channels of VoIP, RTP
  • Optional Dual HDD RAID-1 storage, and/or Hot-Swap PSU
  • 380,000 hours on-board call storage
  • Built-in LCD, Keypad and speaker – fully self contained call recording, search and playback system





3. Total Recall VR : Linx Evolution - VoIP (H.323, SIP, Unicast/Multicast RTP Streams )ISDN (PRI E1/T1)

  • Supports up to 120 simultaneous VoIP channels, or 60 ISDN + 60 VoIP in Hybrid Mode
  • Compact and stylish Desktop enclosure, suitable for front office installation
  • Available in GUI (with 10.1 LCD and custom keypad) or Server (PC access only) versions
  • Up to 900,000 calls on board HDD storage






4. Total Recall VR: Remote Manager

  • Included with unlimited installation licences as part of your Total Recall VR solution
  • Provides customisable access to search and monitor calls on the Total Recall system, as well as unit configuration and system log functions
  • Install on any Windows XP/Vista/7 PC, and connect to your Total Recall VR system via LAN/WAN/VPN or 56k dialup